5 Simple Strategies for Social Media Marketing

5 Simple Strategies for Social Media Marketing

On social media platforms, there are more than 2.8 billion users every day, and it goes without saying how important it is for your company to be part of the social media communities. Now, customers can even get in touch with companies through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., to build trust or exchange products’ information. Any good marketing strategy should not left out social media marketing.

The latest trend for social media marketing is direct interaction with your customers. More and more customers want personalized services when they contact companies through social media. Of course, it is not only usability that plays a decisive role here, but friendliness, customer affinity, and personal level also help to connect customers and the company more closely.


There are 5 simple ways to make you perform better on social media networks and develop your own social media strategy.

Know your target group
The target audience is one of the core strategies. Knowing who you want to reach, the choice of social media channels and the content you will post on these channels also have a hidden influence. However, this targeted approach is only possible if you have a full understanding of your peers in the market.

In order to better define the target group, buyer personas are usually used. This includes thinking about a fictitious person and giving him or her attributes, stories, education, etc. For example, Michael, 35 years old, a well-trained buyer, has 2 children, and a family man who is interested in sports can be one of the fictional characters of an online business assuming that 10% of his customers have such a fictional character. So, in order to solve Michael’s problems, you already have a file that you can use.

Identify and understand the goals of your social media presence
Every post, every interaction, every speech should have a higher purpose. Do you want to bring more traffic to your website? Do you want to notify customers who are already in your contact list? Do you want to position yourself as an expert? Do you want to make eye contact with customers and seek dialogue? What is your quantitative goal? Clicks, comments, and likes on the website? Or is it for the purpose of building a community or gaining fans?

Publish content worth sharing
The better the content, the more valuable, the higher the click-through rate and share rate. The effect of this kind of sharing is very good, and it should be one of the important goals of sharing content as much as possible. However, the purpose should also be that you can promote your products and services, and customers will certainly benefit from it. Therefore, the published content to social media is more like building trust, understanding the brand, and establishing a personal relationship with the brand.


Engaging with your audiences
Such as in good interpersonal relations and social interactions. It is helpful when you participate in a conversation. Just posting and hoping for others to do it is not enough to share content. In addition, you can link to other posts, help others to post useful comments, or use free tips to attract others’ attention. Engaging with your audiences can have a very good effect, and sometimes you even get a lot of positive feedbacks.

Testing and optimization
Of course, as with any strategy, it must be constantly reviewed. You can look at a analysis report to better understand which content is most effective at which time to publish and remember every audience is different, so you should adjust and experiment on different set up.

If you think a little about your customers and target groups, you will quickly discover which channels are most suitable for which content to reach them. The best support for this small social media strategy is personal interaction and continuous improvement and review. Contact us for more information about social media marketing and how you can provide great customer service around the clock through social media platforms.