Are Sitemaps Still Important for SEO

Are Sitemaps Still Important for SEO

There are many SEO tips and tricks to help optimize a website, but one of the most important elements might be the site maps. As the name suggests, it is just a map of the website which displays the structure of your website and the connections between them, etc. Sitemaps make your website easy to browse, and they are good for your users and search engines. Sitemaps are an important means of communication with search engines.

Sitemaps are not a new thing for website. They have always been good web design practices, but now they have become more important for the search engines. However, it is necessary to make a clarification if you are interested in Sitemap, you cannot go with traditional HTML sitemap for the purpose of search engine optimization. This is because search engines like Google or Bing require the sitemap in a special (XML) format.

Two kinds of sitemap formats are utilized, the HTML and the XML both serving different needs. The HTML sitemap conveys the structure of your website to your audiences for quicker access. XML sitemap, on the other hand, is a standardized format containing all metadata on a page giving significantly more data to web crawlers. Someone may ask why two Sitemaps are necessary. The answer is obvious. One is for web users, the other is for search engines’ spiders.

There are many advantages to using Sitemaps, not only easy navigation and better visibility in search engines. The site map provides an opportunity to inform the search engine of any changes to your website immediately. Of course, you can’t expect search engines to be eager to index your updated pages right away, but surely the changes will be indexed faster compared to when you don’t have a XML sitemap.

In addition, when you have a website and submit it to search engines, you are less dependent on external links to make indexed of your website. Websites can even help with confusing internal links. If your website is new, or you have a large number of new or recently updated pages, then using Sitemap can be critical for SEO. The XML sitemap will speed up the process of indexing of newly updated pages.

Moreover, broken links can usher to bad indexing of a site’s pages by search engines. Though fixing the broken links is the ideal solution, it might require some time before noticing the lapse in the internal structure. But, search engines bots will keep on getting pages referenced on it despite having bad internal link if you have a XML sitemap in your website. Maintaining your links current (both internal and external) is a definite method to drive traffic and good practice for SEO.

While SEO is critical to vibrant online presence, it still requires the enhanced support that sitemaps give. Search engine optimization ranking dependent on just a small part of your content due to any reason as such does not make your business grow by any means. Contact us for more information about sitemaps and the method to boost your local business rankings on search engines.